Complete Office Furniture Solutions for Virginia Beach

Complete Office Furniture Solutions for Virginia Beach

Purchasing and installing new furniture for your business, government office, or campus is an important decision. Corporate furniture reconfiguration is a substantial project. Whether you’re a procurement officer or a commercial interior designer, using a professional furniture installation service benefits your facility in several ways.

Expert Advice

The consultants at VMI Furniture Solutions are knowledgeable in many brands of commercial furniture, such as Steelcase, Herman Miller, Allsteel, Haworth, Teknion, and more. We understand the design specifications of each line and how well they’ll function for your industry and integrate within your building’s layout. This familiarity means we’ll be able to steer and advise you on the most appropriate cubicle systems and office furniture, saving you from spending valuable time on manufacturers’ websites or making calls.

Less Disruption and Downtime

You can’t afford the lost production and revenue caused by a large-scale renovation or furniture moving project. Our extensively trained installers are proficient at completing their work on your desired schedule, including after hours and on weekends. Your facility or campus can carry on business as usual while we install your new office furniture. In addition to completing the work quickly, we’re knowledgeable in city and state safety codes (such as fire codes) and will ensure your new setup is in full compliance with the law. We pride ourselves in not only completing projects on time but in exceeding client expectations.

Turnkey Furniture Installation

Hiring a professional installer means you’ll have a management team taking responsibility for the entire project, from removing your existing furniture, reconfiguring what you decide to keep, and assembling and installing your new office furniture. Because we provide full decommission service, we’ll disassemble any furniture you no longer need and properly remove and dispose of it. The most valuable benefit of turnkey furniture installation is that you’ll have one company taking care of the entire project, eliminating the hassle of working with multiple contractors. Our service also includes post-installation maintenance, troubleshooting, and any storage you require.


VMI Furniture Solutions will be there for you every step of the way, getting your corporate furniture project completed within the deadline. For an installation quote, email or call us today.

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