The Space-Saving Benefits of a Benching System

office using the benching system
Business people at their desks in a busy, open-plan office.

If you don’t have a lot of space in your offices, it might be a good idea for you to get a benching system rather than cubicles or separate desks for each employee. A benching system is, as the name suggests, like a bench. It consists of long tables at which more than one employee can be seated. You can have a benching system at which you have two employees seated diametrically across from each other. Or you can have a long benching system seating several employees. There are many options.

Advantages of a Benching System

The main advantage of a benching system is that it saves on space. You’re going to be able to fit in more employees than you would if you gave each of them their own cubicle or desk. But this is not the only advantage. If you work in the kind of industry where teamwork is important, then a benching system will allow people to communicate more with each other. Plus, some degree of privacy can also be created with the help of screens in-between people working on the same bench.

Disadvantages of a Benching System

The disadvantage of a benching system is that it’s distracting. So if you’re working in the kind of industry where each person needs to concentrate on what they’re doing individually, then a benching system might not be the right thing. The employees sitting on a benching system might get distracted by the computers of the people around them. Plus, if one person is on the phone while the other is trying to do some quiet work, that might also get in the way

Overcoming the Disadvantages of a Benching System

Of course, you can always get around the disadvantages of a benching system. Tell your employees that, when they’re seated at their desks, they should try to be quiet rather than talking on their phones or to other employees. Once everyone gets used to the idea that a benching system is a quiet place, they will be able to work together harmoniously.

Learn More About a Benching System

If you have a space issue in your office (and, let’s face it, who doesn’t have a space issue nowadays?) you might want to consider getting a benching system that can be adapted to fit as many employees as necessary. Contact us for prompt and professional installation of your benching system.

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