Why Cubicle Assembly in Chesapeake, VA Is so Affordable

assembling cubicle in an office
Workers assemble, arrange, and install new furniture in an empty office.

Is Your Office Overcrowded?

How can you tell if you need more cubicle space? Some corporate real estate advisory firms suggest that the optimum amount of space per person is shrinking. Many startups and small businesses now consider 90 to 125-square-feet adequate for a small office space. Just a decade ago this space allotment was 50 square feet per person larger. However, smaller businesses can’t afford to provide this much usable space per person. Thus, they have chosen to downsize.

At VMI Furniture Solutions we install all brands of office furniture. We reconfigure existing furniture and office systems creating better flow and a more enjoyable working environment. In fact, helping companies manage workspace is our forte. We help companies organize workspaces by providing efficient updating and changing of workstation configurations, adding shelving and filing systems, and dividing existing workspace to accommodate staffing increases

We Design the Atmosphere, You Reap Rewards

Productivity begins with an efficient workspace. Our team can install new office configurations, reconfigure existing systems, and set up your new office location before you move in. Let us know what your business needs are so we can meet them. Indeed, our modular cubicle systems and other office furniture options can transform your business. We can handle your corporate relocation with ease. Enlisting our expertise means that your office relocation can be phased, completed after hours, or done on weekends.

Our goal is to minimize employee downtime and enjoyment of a well-planned, efficient work environment. Further, on the day of each client’s business relocation, we make sure our installers and technicians are onsite personally to make any minor adjustments or troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Therefore, call or email us today for a quote! 

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