Why You Should Reconfigure Your Office Space

configuring the office space
Young entrepreneurs renovating their office and moving in.

As your team grows and your business evolves, you may discover that you’ve outgrown your office space. Reconfiguring your office furniture can be a cost-effective way to respond to these changes by repurposing existing furniture and carefully selecting additional components to add.

Here are the top three reasons to reconfigure your office space:

1. Changes in Staffing

You may find yourself with more or fewer employees than when your office space was last updated. Maybe you’re outgrowing your current space but can’t afford to relocate, or don’t want to move from an ideal location. With an increase in the number of employees spending at least part of their week working remotely, you might want to adopt some of your workspaces to accommodate hot-desking or space sharing. Creatively planning an office reconfiguration can help you avoid an expensive move by making better use of what you currently have on hand, or supplementing it with exactly what you need.

2. Improve Morale

A simple refresh can improve morale all by itself, but an office reconfiguration offers much more than a fresh coat of paint. People spend about half their waking hours at work. An up-to-date, well-designed space can have a beneficial impact on employee attraction and retention.

3. Improve Productivity

An office reconfiguration isn’t just about appearances. Some people and departments thrive on an open floor plan, but it’s not necessarily the best choice for all situations, workflows, or individuals. It can be difficult to find the right balance between concentration and collaboration, privacy and cost. Through improving staff comfort, communication, and morale by thoughtfully designing the work environment, productivity will increase. It’s a good investment.

Talk to your employees about your current set-up—what works for them? What changes would they value, and why? Think big picture—what operational goal are you trying to achieve within this space? And then focus on the details: What sort of work environment will allow each department to work most efficiently and effectively?

Learn More About Reconfiguring Your Office Space

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